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Wednesday 10 January 2018

Amazing Benefits of "DETOX WATER"

Hi Friends
I know that you are aware of the benefits of water and its importance in our life. But
Do you know that water is also a significant player in detoxifying our body?
Yes it’s true
We can detoxify our body on daily basis by virtue of simple detox water. Detox water is amazingly beneficial for our overall health. But before proceeding further with the benefits of detox water let’s talk about some important issues such as:
*What is detoxification?
*Why Detoxification is needed for a healthy body?

What is Detoxification:

In today’s modern and fast-paced life toxins are everywhere. Our body isn't just subjected to toxic chemicals in the surroundings, but also some toxins are produced in our body by virtue of normal body chemical substance reactions and Detoxication is the physiological or therapeutic removal of toxins from our body.
Our body is equipped to cope with most toxins. Whenever we ingest or absorb toxins, our liver and kidneys work to flush out most of them from our body.
In a wholesome, detoxification is a process to neutralize and eliminate toxins from our body, which prevents various disease.

Why Detoxification is needed for a healthy body?

Basically, our body removes toxins from our organs viz. liver, kidneys and intestines. When these three main pathways aren't performing this function properly, toxins exit through our skin and lungs.
But when Toxins overwhelm our body’s detoxification system. Then this overload of toxins can cause various health issues such as : 

*Headaches, dizziness, and shivering

*Poor digestion
*Bloating and gas
*Skin problems, such as eczema, acne, hives, itching, and rashes
*Mineral deficiency
*Eye problems
*Hormonal imbalances
That’s why detoxification and the proper functioning of body’s detoxification system are significantly important for our overall health.
Now question arises

How detox water can aid in detoxification?

So here is your answer in terms of
Top 10 Benefits of Detox Water
Detox Water & Benefits of Detox Water

 Top 10 Benefits of Detox water:

1.Detox water is full of essential nutrients, vitamins, and other minerals of vegetables and fruits that are necessary for our body.
2.Detox water provides us sufficient energy for our daily activities without weight gain. That’s why detox water is considered as a natural energy booster.
3.Detox water can help our body to get rid of the excess waste that is stored in the organs. It also helps in the cleansing colon.
4.Detox water balances BMI(Body Mass Index) by improving metabolism and removing the unwanted fat and toxins from our body.
5.Detox water removes free radicals, viruses, bacteria, and toxins; therefore, the organs of our body can function properly.
6.Detox water gives our body plenty of nutrients especially vitamin C.
Note: Vitamin C is well-known for the benefits of protecting the body against illness.
7.Detox water makes our skin smooth and hydrated.
8.Detox water is considered as a natural diuretic, it makes the urinary tract 
9.Detox water can aid in the proper production of bile and promote digestion.
10.Detox water can help to get rid of bad breath by cleansing the colon and releasing the toxins from the body.
Now question arises

What is detox water?

Actually, Detox water is water that is infused with the flavors of fruits, vegetables, and natural herbs. It's sometimes known as fruit-infused drinking water or fruit-flavored drinking water.
To make detox water you merely need to infuse some fruits, vegetable and fresh herbs in a container filled up with 1-2 liters of drinking water and keep this container in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours.

Because Detox water is an infusion of fruits, vegetable, 
and herbs rather than blending. That’s why detox water contains very few calories.

Orange mint cinnamon detox water recipe:

Ingredients: you need

                   * 2-liter drinking water
                   *2 cinnamon sticks
                   *20-25 mint leaves
                   *1 thin sliced orange
                   *4-5 thin sliced cucumber
*Pour all vegetable, fruits, and herbs in water.
*Place this water in the refrigerator for 6 hours.


Detox water is very simple but very effective way to stay hydrated and stay fit. It gives you ample hydration in a medicinal way. So stay hydrated and detox as well. If you have any query you can write it in the comment section or at

Ms. P Rajeshwari
Diet & Beauty Consultant