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Friday 13 October 2017

"Basic mantra for Beautiful skin"

Hi Friends
Do you want to know the basic mantra for "Beautiful Skin"?
if yes!
Then let's begin
Basic Mantra for Beautiful Skin
Basic Mantra for Beautiful skin

We all want to be beautiful today, tomorrow and forever; but aging, acne, dull and saggy skin, liver or age spots, etc. are the enemies of our beauty. When we do not use our brain and continually exploit our health and beauty by virtue of the followings:
  *Harsh Chemicals (present in Make-Up and Skin Care Products)
  *Improper/Unhealthy Diet

Then enemies of our beauty win the battle and our skin becomes prone to aging, acne, dull and saggy skin, liver or age spots etc. then stress comes with other diseases sometimes these become fatal. 

Can Make-Up & Skin Care Products make us "Beautiful"?

In today’s scenario Harsh Chemicals (present in Make-Up and Skin Care Products) plays a vital role to make our skin and body unhappy.
The recipe for a cream contains minimum 40% water while lotion contains approximately 70-80% water.
I have a question for all of you.
Can these waters, preservative, and chemicals led product make us youthful, radiant and beautiful?
Salicylic acid is known to treat pimples, but could potentially lead to salicylate poisoning.
Hydroquinone bleaches out dark spots, but it's another potential carcinogen.
Formaldehyde is an effective preservative & can help nail polish stay, but it's a carcinogen that can lead to breathing problems.
P-Phenylenediamine might help change your hair color, but can also make you swell up like crazy and in extreme cases, kill you.
Selenium sulfide might prevent ugly dandruff flakes, but it could potentially give you cancer.
Talc might keep your face from getting greasy, but it's been linked to cancer.
Titanium Dioxide might block out UV rays, but it could also be a carcinogen.
Triclosan kills bacteria and keeps gingivitis away, but it could disrupt your hormones and weaken your heart.
Lead acetate might banish grey hair, but it could put you at risk for lead poisoning.
I have listed a few chemicals which are commonly used in our cosmetic product in different forms.

"Basic mantra for Beautiful skin"

We can use these chemicals in our chemistry lab, not on our skin that’s the best place for these chemicals.
Now listen to me very carefully
I have been giving you a basic mantra to stay forever young, radiant and glowing.
1. “Follow the 80/20 rule of the alkaline diet"
2. “Things those you cannot eat do not apply on your skin”

Because skin is the largest organ of our body.
Whatever we apply topically on our skin goes into our body and our body is not made to 
digest these chemicals. So these chemicals remain in our body as foreign particles and interfere with the working of our internal organ to make us ill.

By virtue of these chemicals, fatal diseases like cancer are so common.
So take a pledge that from now onwards do not apply these chemicals or stay away from these chemicals as much as possible.
Make a habit to read the ingredients list.
In my next post, you will find plenty of solutions regarding all your beauty and health-related needs.
Rest assured all solution will going to be
100% natural & super duper effective
You can make your own cream, lotion, face pack, scrub and many more...............
If you specifically want to ask anything you can write your problem in the comment section or write me at
I will tell you an authentic therapeutic solution.
Ms. P Rajeshwari
Diet & Beauty consultant

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