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Friday 20 October 2017

Miraculous Benefits of Potato Peel

Hi friends 
I have a strong belief “in the healing power of mother nature”.“Mother nature” has blessed us with countless amazing things. If we incorporate them into our day to day life, they can do wonders for us. But by virtue of our ignorance, lack of knowledge & sometimes wrong advice, we cannot avail the miraculous benefits of these things & dump these precious things into dustbins. 
I am talking about “amazing fruits & vegetable's peel (skin)” or “सब्जी और फलों के छिलके” 
There are so many, but today I will talk about a very commonly found, packed with amazing vitamins But yet wrongly judged vegetable. "Potato & Potato peel".

Benefits of Potato & Potato Peel(Skin)
Benefits Potato & Potato Peel(Skin)

Miraculous benefits of "Potato Peel"

"Potato peel(skin)" not only have fibre & nutrients, but it also helps the flesh (main edible part of potato) of the potato retain its nutrients. Baking or boiling the potato without removing the skin keeps all the nutrients of potato totally intact within the potato itself. 

"Potato peel(skin)" provides 8 times as much iron & Phenolic compounds like phenolic acids and flavonoids, including flavonols & anthocyanins

"Potato peel(skin)" is a good source of potassium & potassium being a mineral that helps lower blood pressure through its action as a vasodilator (blood vessel widener) 

Note;- potato has, even more, potassium than banana & lot of it is 

“Potato peel(skin)” also contains vitamin C which is a nutrient that supports healthy immune system, aids in efficient iron absorption & produces collagen that helps to keep your skin healthy & aids in wound healing.  

"Potato peel(skin)" has high fibre content, this being its largest health benefit offered by potatoes. Fibre is one of the most important constituents of a healthy diet since it laxative in nature. A healthy diet containing required fibre content helps in reducing weight. It also lowers blood cholesterol levels & reduce the risk of heart disease & promotes a healthy digestive tract.  

Note:- an average medium sized potato contains 2 gm fiber, the majority of which can be found in the "potato peel(skin)". 

One large raw potato with the skin contains almost 58 grams of carbohydrates, an adequate amount of fiber & its also being low in fat & calories, which makes it an ideal addition to a meal plan that aims to maintain a healthy weight or one that is designed for weight loss.

So the best way is to eat potato as a whole (flesh & skin) to avail its nutrients like vitamins C & B6, manganese, phosphorus, niacin & pantothenic acid.

But due to any reason still you want to eat peeled potatoes, then “don’t dump these potato’s skin” in dustbins. Use these potato skins for your daily beauty regime. 
So here is the Answer & recipe as well 
“Yes, you Can maintain your beauty without spending a single penny”
Skin Lightening & Brightening Scrub Recipe
Skin Lightening & Brightening Scrub 

“Skin lightening & whitening scrub” 

Ingredients:- you need 
                     * Potato Peel(Skin)
Step 1: Grind them together & make a paste of desired consistency. 
STEP 2: Apply it all over your face/body;
STEP 3: Leave it for 20 minutes;
STEP 4: Rinse with lukewarm water. 

Therapeutic benefits:-   

Milk contains Lactic Acid which works as a mild cleanser, it is rich in B-vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids, calcium and other potent antioxidants, It nourishes skin cells from deep within & keep skin moisturized all the day, it sucks out excess sebum from within the skin pores to tighten large pores. 
"Potato peel(skin)" is an amazing skin tightener, it also helps to brighten & lighten your skin.


In my practice as a therapist & consultant, I have encountered with so many clients, those who have to compromise with their beauty just because of their “diet”.When I am using a word “diet”.
 It means “Diet” via both skin & mouth. 
You must not ignore any one of them.If you are ignoring anyone one of them. You are actually ignoring your beauty as well as health.

So positively I hope that from now onwards you will incorporate potatoes & potatoes peel(skin) into your diet.

I am trying my level best to keep my posts as informative as possible, but yet simple, lucid & understandable even to a layman without having any scientific acumen. 
In case you have any query write it in the comment section or at 


Ms. P Rajeshwari 
Diet & Beauty Consultant

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