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Monday 20 November 2017

Ultimate natural ingredients to reduce Hair fall

Hi friends
Are you ready to say goodbye to your “Hair fall” naturally?
Do you want to know Ultimate natural ingredients to reduce Hair fall?
If yes!
Then let’s start our journey of “lustrous & strengthened hair”.
As we all know that hairs play a significant role in the appearance of every human being &
“Hair loss” at a very tender age has become a common disorder in these days.
Before reaching to the remedies of “Hair fall” first we have to understand the "structure of Hair" & the reason behind “Hair fall”. 

Structure of hair:

Actually, hairs are far more complex then they appear
The part of hair which is visible to us is called “Hair shaft” & the part of the hair which resides in the skin is called “Hair follicle”.
An up growth at the base of the follicle is called “Papilla”.
“Papilla” contains tiny blood vessels that nourish a special group of cells by virtue of which amino acids turns into a type of protein called “Keratin” & “Keratin” is a basic building block of our hair & rate of production of this protein determine the hair growth.

Hair Growth cycle:

The growth of every hair constantly going through one of the three stages of the hair growth cycle.
Hair Growth Cycle In Human
Hair Growth Cycle


In this stage groups of the cells at the base of the hair multiply rapidly & new cells form by virtue of which old cell moves upward & form the hair we see.
This stage is called the “Growth stage” of hair growth cycle & it last anywhere from 2-6 years.


In this stage, the cells at the base of hair stop multiplying & the hair stop growing.
This stage is called “Transitioning stage” of hair growth cycle & it lasts for only 2-3 weeks.


In this stage, hair rests for few month before shed/fall by the follicle.
This stage is called ”Resting stage” of the hair growth cycle & it lasts for 2-3 months.
After the hair has been shed/fall, a new hair begins to grow & the hair growth cycle repeats itself
Via: 1.ANAGEN, 2.CATAGEN, 3.TELOGEN; as long as hair follicle is active.
NOTE:  fall/shed of 50-100 hairs per day is normal.

Causes of  “Hair fall”

 “Hair” is basically an indicator of our health as any other part of our body. There are multiple causes of  “Hair fall” such as:
  •      Inadequate nutrition.
  •      Stress such as anxiety, sudden shock, worry etc.
  •      Crash diet
  •      Tight hairstyles  
  •      Long-standing illness such as anemia, influenza, etc.
  •      Hormonal pills
  •    Alopecia
  •       ETC……..
All these causes make the roots of the hair weak which results in the term of ‘Hair fall”.
Now let’s come to our topic that
Do we have some natural alternative to prevent & to reduce “Hair fall”?
Here is your answer in terms of

“Ultimate natural ingredients to reduce/prevent Hair fall”

1. Onion
Benefits of onion to Reduce Hair Fall
Onion Helps to reduce Hair Fall
Onion contains dietary sulfur & sulfur is required for strong hair, Because of the following reasons:
  • Sulfur found in amino acids. 
  • Keratin (the building block of hair) is rich in sulfur. 
  • Sulfur is needed for the adequate production of enzymes and proteins.
  • Sulfur can stimulate collagen production – which, in turn, aids in the production of healthy skin cells, as well as promote hair growth.
Therefore When the onion is applied to the scalp in any form like: 
  • Raw onion juice 
  • Decoction of onion peel (प्याज के छिलके का काढ़ा) 
NOTE: Recent research has confirmed that the outer skins of onions(onion peel) is a rich source of plant compounds called flavonoids, antioxidant like vitamins C & B6, folate, iron, potassium & many more.
It provides that extra sulfur which is required for stronger and thicker hair.
According to the study published in Journal of food, medicine, applying onion juice to hair & scalp can treat “alopecia”.

Benefits of Honey Helps to reduce Hair Fall
Honey Helps to reduce Hair Fall
Honey is made up of fructose & glucose. 
Honey has germicidal, fungicidal & strong antioxidant properties. It prevents scalp infections & soothes issues like dandruff, & promote hair growth.
Honey also strengthens the hair follicles making it wonderful for hair conditioning & reducing “hair fall”.
According to the study published in Journal of food, medicine, applying raw honey on the scalp can treat dandruff & promote hair growth.  

Amazing Recipe to reduce "Hair Fall".

Ingredients:  You need

                                          1 tablespoon honey
                            *  2 teaspoons Onion juice
                            *1 teaspoons Cinnamon(दालचीनी) powder
Step 1:Mix them well & make a paste of desired consistency.
Step 2: Apply it all over your scalp.
Step 3: Leave it for minimum 30 minutes.
Step 4: After that rinse your hair.

If you have any query you can write it in the comment section or can write it at
Ms. P Rajeshwari
Diet & Beauty Consultant 


  1. Hi. Great information. I have a bald patch on my crown area. What to do. I am 37 year old woman. any remedy.

  2. hi pooja thanks: blad patch on the crown area generally occur becoz of chemical sindoor
    so first you have stop that application if you haven't stopped yet.
    For topical Application you can use this onion, cinnamon & honey recipe
    but you have to be very consistence with this recipe becoz baldness is a cronic issue it take time but rest assured you can get rid of it
    I use to provide various shampoo, Hair oil & pack for various skin & hair related issues.
    Hope you will get your answer
    If you still have any confusion you can write.
    I will please to help you.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I don't use Sindoor I have started using this recipe. Please suggest oil and shampoo also

  4. Hi mam
    I want to know about facials. Are they good for us or not. What to do for anti ageing

  5. facial is basically a combination of cleansing, toning, moisturization. all these steps are very essential for glowing skin, & anti aging as well. you can follow this regime in the comfort of your home. there are numerous skin loving &anti aging ingredients available in your home. you can also follow the tips those i have mentioned in my article all these remedies are clinically proven . still you want to ask something you can write me i will please to help you or if you have any topic of your need you can write it also. i will definitely write a post on your suggested query thanks.

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