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Thursday 22 March 2018

6 incredible benefits of CASTOR OIL for: SKIN, HAIRS and BODY

Hi friends
Do you want to say goodbye to itchy scalp and dandruff, skin infection, heavy stomach, bloating and constipation naturally?

I know you want and, even you can get rid of all above-mentioned issues naturally with just one natural ingredient and that is “CASTOR OIL”.
In ancient Ayurveda, “CASTOR OIL” is renowned for its ability to balance “VATA” and eliminates AMA (toxic remains in the system mainly due to improper digestion). 

Properties of Castor oil
Benefits of CASTOR OIL
Now there may be several questions popped up in your mind that,
How can “CASTOR OIL” alone resolve so many different issues?
Why “CASTOR OIL” is so special, with respect to other oils?


So before discussing the benefits of “CASTOR OIL”, let’s first investigate


Castor oil extracted from castor seeds (beans). It is pale yellow in color, non-volatile and viscous in nature. It contains Vitamin E, Omega-6, omega-9 and other antioxidants, that is the key elements responsible for strong hair and glowing skin. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and triglyceride that’s why castor oil help to fight skin infections, exerts analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Although Castor beans (Ricinus communis), which is the source of castor oil, contain ricin and some allergenic (2S albumin) proteins(which are deleterious in nature); however, processed or refined castor oil is free from any of these substances and can be safely used in pharmaceutical applications.

Why “CASTOR OIL” is so special, with respect to other oils?

Castor oil has very unique fatty acids profile which is as follows:
*Monounsaturated fats Ricinoleic Acid 88-90%;
*Polyunsaturated fats Linoleic Acid 3-4%
*Polyunsaturated fats linolenic fatty acid <1%
*Saturated fats Stearic Acid 1%

“CASTOR OIL” is so special and unique among other oils, because of its very high Ricinoleic Acid (RA) content. As you can see that “CASTOR OIL” contains approx. 90% Ricinoleic Acid (omega-9 fatty acid), which is an unusual omega-9 fatty acid and not found in any substance other than castor oil with such a large quantity.

It provides longer shelf life to “CASTOR OIL” with respect to other oils because hydroxyl functionality of Ricinoleic Acid provides oxidative stability to the oil by preventing peroxide formation.
Its anti-microbial property helps to protect our skin against invading viruses, bacteria, and yeasts.
Ricinoleic Acid in combination with oleic, linoleic, linolenic and other fatty acids found in “CASTOR OIL” is very effective in the treatment of gout and arthritis.

In addition to this “CASTOR OIL” is also renowned for its various medicinal and anti-bacterial properties by virtue of which it is used as a major ingredient in various skin-care and hair-care products.
Properties and BENEFITS of CASTOR OIL
Benefits of CASTOR OIL
Castor oil is classified by FDA as safe for both topical and internal; the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel also concluded that “CASTOR OIL” is safe in the practices of use and concentrations as described in this safety assessment.

Do you also want to transform your health and beauty regime by virtue of the benefits of “CASTOR OIL”?
If yes!

Then here is the way you can do it;

Incredible “6” Benefits & Uses of “CASTOR OIL”:


Skin is the primary barrier of our body, which plays a significant role in immune functioning because T-lymphocytes cells (a type of disease-fighting white blood cells of the immune system) reside in the skin’s epidermis and dermis.

Topical application of “CASTOR OIL” (via massage or packs) improves blood circulation and, may trigger the T- Lymphocytes cells as well, by virtue of which a general immune system reaction activates throughout the lymphatics and, the lymphocyte count of the blood increases. It improves Lymph flow throughout the body, speeding the removal of cellular-related toxins and reduction in swollen lymph nodes.

“CASTOR OIL” packs, which can further enhance topical absorption, have been clinically proven to increase lymphocyte production, the activity of T- lymphocytes cells, the function of the thymus gland and other immune system functions.

2. Heals Wounds and Fights Skin Infections:

Being a rich source of Ricinoleic Acid, “CASTOR OIL” has amazing antibacterial, antifungal and, antimicrobial properties, which can retard the growth of harmful microbes, fungi, yeasts, and bacteria and makes it highly effective in treating various skin infections such as Ringworm, moles, warts, Acne etc.

The undecylenic acid derived from the “CASTOR OIL” is an active ingredient in medications for skin infections, and to relieve itching, burning, and irritation associated with skin problems. The study has proved that topical application of “CASTOR OIL” improves blood circulation and helps in wound healing as well.
The triglycerides found in castor oil helps to pull excess dirt from the epidermis, which makes it ideal for removing everyday dirt from the skin and prevent further infection.

3.Reduce Inflammation and treat joint pains:

“CASTOR OIL” possesses tremendous anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which makes it useful in treating inflammation and pain.
By virtue of its anti-inflammatory properties, “CASTOR OIL” is the most suitable natural alternative and ideal for relieving joint pain, arthritis, nerve inflammation, and sore muscles.

Studies indicate that topical application of “CASTOR OIL” can relieve inflammation and inflammation associated pain as well because of Ricinoleic Acid, which is the main active component of “CASTOR OIL”, exerts remarkable anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

4. Reduce Hair Fall; Makes hair stronger and thicker:

Topical application of “CASTOR OIL” on hairs boosts blood circulation in the scalp and, leading to faster hair growth. Humectant property of ”CASTOR OIL” helps to lock in the moisture in the hair and, prevents hairs from turning dry and makes them stronger, smoother and softer.

”CASTOR OIL” also contains essential fatty acids, which promote healthy hair simultaneously antifungal and, antibacterial properties of this oil promote healthy scalp and prevent dandruff, itchy scalp etc.

Studies have shown that Ricinoleic Acid, the main active component of the “CASTOR OIL”, is indicated as a possible inhibitor of the overproduction of the compound PDG2 which is linked to the slowed hair growth, eventual hair loss, and alopecia.

5. Relieves Constipation, Gas and bloating: 

“CASTOR OIL” acts as a mild laxative and, it is widely used as a natural alternative in Ayurvedic and folk medicine. Internal consumption of “CASTOR OIL” aids in nutrient absorption and intestinal cleansing by virtue of proper digestion of the food. When taken orally Ricinoleic Acid, which is the main active component of the “CASTOR OIL” gets released in the intestine and serves various purposes.

According to a study published in U.S. national library of medicine, “CASTOR OIL” induce contraction of the intestinal smooth muscle, an effect that is consistent with the expression of the EP3 receptor in the longitudinal smooth-muscle layer of the intestine and acts as a relatively safe laxative without causing additional water and electrolyte losses.

6. Promote Hydrated, wrinkle free and glowing skin:

Being a source of triglycerides, oleic and linoleic “CASTOR OIL” also contains certain beneficial salts and esters that work as skin-soothing agents, which is why castor oil is the perfect choice for softening and smoothing a dry, irritated and, sunburnt skin.

Humectant property of “CASTOR OIL”,  draws moisture from the air into the skin and keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. Simultaneously the fatty acids present in the “CASTOR OIL” promote the growth of healthy skin tissue, making it helpful in restoring uneven skin tones.

“CASTOR OIL” gets absorbed in the skin very easily and penetrates deep 
within the skin, that’s why it does not clog the pores, prevent blackheads and, remove scars. This helps remove dry patches, restores hydration of the skin and, prevent wrinkle.

How to use “CASTOR OIL” to avail of its maximum health benefits:

“CASTOR OIL” can be used, via both internal and external consumption because it is classified by FDA as safe for both topical and internal uses.

Internal use:

The Joint Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)/World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Committee on Food Additives established an acceptable daily castor oil intake of 0 to 0.7 mg/kg body weight. So the safe and acceptable dose of “CASTOR OIL”

*1 tablespoon for adults;

*1 teaspoon for children;

Internal consumption of “CASTOR OIL” relieves constipation, aids in the absorption of nutrients, cleanse the digestive tract, balance “VATA” and reduce “AMA” by providing internal lubrication.

External use:

Externally “CASTOR OIL” can be used such as:

*”Castor oil” Massage;

*”CASTOR OIL” pack;

Note: “Castor oil” pack is a topical application of castor oil to the specified part of the body. In which a piece of cotton or flannel is concentrated with castor oil and applied to that specified part of the body with, or without heat.

External use of “CASTOR OIL” boost immunity (especially castor oil pack), reduce inflammation, relieve pain, prevent skin infections, promote healthy and glowing skin and, reduce hair fall.

The Bottom line for “CASTOR OIL”:

Because of the laxative property of the “CASTOR OIL” sometimes people encounter digestive discomfort, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal side effects. So people who have recently undergone surgery and those who are suffering from cramps, irritable bowel, ulcers, colitis, should probably avoid castor oil internal consumption due to these possible adverse effects.


“CASTOR OIL” is an inexpensive but yet super effective natural ingredient for your tip to toes beauty and health needs. So incorporate this ultimate ingredient in your health and beauty regime and transform yourself into a more healthy and beautiful individual.
If you have any query or suggestion you can write it in the comment section or at
Ms. P Rajeshwari
Diet & Beauty Consultant


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