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Tuesday 7 November 2017


Hi friends
Do you want to “say goodbye to acne/pimples forever”?
Surely the answer is Yes!
Then first you have to be aware of the reasons behind the occurrence of acne.


Acne is perhaps the most common but a chronic skin disease which is basically an outcome of malfunctioning of the whole body. Because the skin is directly connected & intimately bound up with the working of the whole body.
The skin basically serves following three main purposes for the whole body:
1. Protection of the inner organs.
2. Regulation of body temperature
3. Elimination of waste &systemic refuse.

The external skin treatment of "Acne/pimples" by virtue of "ointment" does not serve any purpose.
Because ointments can only suppress the action the "sebaceous gland".

Sebaceous Glands

“Sebaceous Glands” are found on the face, neck, chest etc.
Structure of human Skin  & Sebaceous Gland
Structure Of Skin
“Sebaceous Gland” is also called as “oil gland” because this gland produces “sebum” an oil-like substance. Which helps to stop skin drying out by virtue of providing lubrication to the skin.
Generally,  “Sebaceous Gland” produces the right amount of "sebum" into the hairs & the skin, but occasionally “Sebaceous Gland” starts producing an excess amount of  "sebum".
Due to this excess "sebum" pore becomes clogged which leads to a bacterial infection, swelling & inflammation around the clogged pore in the form of "acne/pimples".

So if you want to "say goodbye to acne/pimples", then

First, you have to say "Hi" to the following:

Benefits of Healthy Diet
Healthy Diet To Remove Pimples/Acne

Because all form of acne/pimples (Blackheads, whiteheads, papules, nodule etc.) have their origin in unhealthy eating habits such as:
*Excesses of starches & sugar
*Excess oily/fatty(Deep fried) food
*Irregular eating timings
*Not having enough water intake
As a side effect of all these habits, our bowels do not move properly & waste matter is not eliminated as quickly as it should be.
Sometimes the extra efforts of the skin to eliminate excess waste results in the form of acne.
Note: Intake of the following vitamin shows a very promising effect on the person suffering from acne/pimples.
*Vitamin "E"
*Vitamin "A"

 Recipe to remove acne/pimples From Ancient Ayurveda.

Application of the paste of 
*coriander seeds; 
 Along with milk/water can eliminate the acne/pimples.


If you want to "say goodbye to acne/pimples" then first you have to change your eating habits by incorporating fresh fruits/vegetables, plentiful water or in short you should follow a well balanced  "Alkaline Diet".
In this post, we have discussed how to prevent acne/pimples & in my upcoming post, I will more elaborately tell about the essential oil & other targeted treatments for those who are suffering from acne/pimples. 
If you have any query then you can write in the comment section or at


Ms. P Rajeshwari


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