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Tuesday 19 December 2017

Amazing Skincare Benefits Of Guava with 4 Amazing Recipes

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In this article, I will unveil the secret skincare benefits of Guava. This amazing fruit has an exceptional anti-aging ability. It can cleanse, tone, lighten & brighten your skin by virtue of its goodness. 

So let’s start with it.

Amazing Skincare Benefits of Guava
SkinCare Benefits of Guava

Skincare Benefits of Guava:

1. Remove signs of aging:

Foods which contain a high degree of vitamin C frequently pops-up on lists of the greatest foods for wrinkle-free skin.
The anti-wrinkle and anti-aging ramifications of vitamin C abundant foods, including the guava, have been due to the ability of vitamin C to encourage the development of collagen and elastin, the structural proteins that help to keep our skin organized and elastic.
Guava rank right there on top of the list of the world's best natural sources of vitamin C & The anti-aging benefits associated with guava make it extremely effective for providing rest from fine lines, and wrinkles.

Note: Guava contains 4 times more vitamin C than in an equivalent serving of fresh oranges.

So being an outstanding source of vitamin C, it delivers many pores and skin benefits and one particular advantage is its capability to get rid of premature aging. The antioxidants within guava battles with the free radicals of the body, stabilize them and so helps to inhibit them from doing harm to the body.

2. Remove Blackheads:

Blackheads are triggered by the clogging of hair roots by the inactive skin cells. Hair roots get blocked when the unnecessary skin oil combines with inactive skin cells and stop follicles. The number of the major factors that donate to blackheads is: 
*Increased secretion of skin oil,
*Build-up of P. Bacterias ( Propionibacterium acnes)
*Soreness of hair roots when the inactive skin cells aren't shredded on a normal basis.
Guava leaves have natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which will make them well suited for treating skin microbe infections.

3. Keep skin Hydrated:

Our skin comprises of cells & these skin cells, like any other cell in the torso, are made of water. Without having enough water, the organs will surely not function properly or at their finest.
If our skin layer is not getting the sufficient amount of water. having less hydration will show itself by turning our skin layer dry, and flaky.
Dry out pores and skin has less resilience and it is more susceptible to wrinkling.
Guava is an outstanding source of water with 81% of the fruits comprising of water. By virtue of which, it performs an important role in the hydration of the pores and skin.
Note: Drinking a satisfactory amount of water daily also supports digestion, blood circulation, absorption and even excretion.

4.Improves complexion:

The lycopene within guava is recognized as a powerful agent for safeguarding our skin from UV rays & prevent tanning of the skin.
Guava is also a rich source of vitamin K. This is beneficial in dealing with dark circles, spider blood vessels, rosacea, acne soreness of pores and skin.

5.Natural Skin toner:

Guava firms up and tighten up the facial muscles improving pores and skin texture, tightening up the loosened pores and skin and reviving the lost elasticity of our skin.
Guavas rank very high in astringent properties; guava leaves, and unripe guavas even higher. The astringent attributes of guavas keep our skin layer clear of blemishes, acne, lines, and wrinkles.
How to use Guava for Skincare
How to use Guava for SkinCare
Now the question arises that
How do we avail these "Amazing SkinCare Benefits Of GUAVA" in our day to day skincare regime?

So here is your answer in terms of: 

4 Amazing SkinCare Recipes:

1. Guava & Honey Scrub

* Mash a ripen guava with seed with honey.
*Apply it all over your face.
*Leave it for 20 minutes.
*Rinse out with lukewarm water.

Skincare Benefits: 

When used 3 times a week, this scrub will remove lifeless & inactive cells from your skin layer and brighten your complexion. It will remove pollutants, thus providing your skin layer a brand new and invigorated sense.

2.Guava leaves brightening toner:

*Boil 20-30 guava leaves with 2 glass water for 20 minutes.
*Let it cool & strain it into a glass bottle.
*Apply it all over your face with cotton ball.

Skincare Benefits:

According to the studies published in the journal of the national center for biotechnology information, Guava leaves might be boosting skin lightening & inhibiting acne & skin pigmentation as well.

4. Guava leaves Acne Removal face mask:

*Take some guava leaves and mash them to produce an even paste.
*Apply this paste all over your face after cleansing.
*Leave it for 20 minutes.
*Rinse out with normal water.

Skincare Benefits:

Applying this mask on regular basis can cure acne & prevent further breakouts as well.


Guava offers various nutrition such as vitamin supplements A, C & K that support pores and skin maintenance, folate(ideal for pregnant women) & Flavonoids(include beta-carotene; lycopene; lutein and cryptoxanthin).
Including Guava in our diet & beauty regime can help us to make improvement toward the stunning appearance we want that is more than simply skin deep. 

So have guava & enjoy healthy, radiant & glowing skin internally & externally.
If you have any query or suggestion then you can write it in the comment section or write it at
Ms. P Rajeshwari
Diet & Beauty Consultant


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