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Sunday 2 June 2019

Top 11 Health Benefits of Bergamot Essential oil

Hi Friends,
I know that some of you are probably known to the “Bergamot” being citrus fruit.
Do you know that the Bergamot essential oil is exploding with a powerhouse of benefits & can work wonders for our skin, body & health?

Yes, it’s true! 

Because Bergamot Essential oil possesses powerful antibacterial, analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic properties, with an amazing soothing effect by virtue of which, it can cater to a variety of skin & health benefits. 
Citrus Bergamia Or Bergamot
But before proceeding with the Bergamot essential oil’s exceptional benefits 

Let’s first find out

What is Bergamot Essential oil:

Bergamot essential oil is a volatile oil with the greenish or brownish appearance and, is extracted from the rasping and cold pressing of the Bergamot fruit rind of citrus bergamot fruit.
This citrus bergamot fruit comes from bergamot tree which is also called “Citrus Bergamia” & belongs to the Rutaceae family.
Bergamot tree or Citrus Bergamia is also defined as a hybrid between a lemon (C. limon L. Burm. f.) & sour orange (C. aurantium L.).
The fruits (Bergamot fruits) of this Bergamot tree (or Citrus Bergamia) are mainly used to extract Bergamot essential oil (which is widely used in perfume, confectionery, cosmetics, and food industries for its magnificent fragrance & freshness.).
Bergamot essential oil contains various bioactive compounds with potential health benefits such as Monoterpene limonene (25–53%), γ-terpinene, β-pinene, Linalool (2–20%), linalyl acetate (15–40%), pigments, waxes, coumarins, bergamottin, and psoralens, etc.
These bioactive compounds of the Bergamot essential oil make it significant &, by virtue of these bioactive compounds Bergamot essential oil shows various biological activities such as neuroprotective, cardiovascular, antimicrobial, antiproliferative, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic, etc.
By virtue of these bioactive compounds &, biological activities Bergamot essential oil can serve countless body &, health benefits.
So let’s discuss the most significant body & health benefits of this amazing Bergamot essential oil. 

Top 11 Health Benefits of Bergamot Essential oil:

Top 11 health Benefits of Bergamot Essential oil
Top 11 Health Benefits of Bergamot Essential oil

1.Prevents & fights against Infections:

In today’s fast pace & modern life, infections are very common and sometimes these infections become very severe to handle.
But we can very easily fight & prevent these infections at their very initial stage just by incorporating this amazing Bergamot essential oil.
Yes, it’s true!
Just by adding few drops of Bergamot essential oil in our daily routine we can fight & prevent against various infections and credits goes to its bioactive compounds. These work actual wonder & adorn Bergamot essential oil with amazing anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties.
According to a study also the Bergamot essential oil was the most effective of the oils examined and, Linalool (which is a bioactive compound of Bergamot essential oil) the most effective anti-bacterial compound.

2.Relieve Pain & reduce spasms:

To relieve pain we generally depend upon those nasty chemical pills in terms of pain killers that leave awful side effects as well on our internal system. Instead of using these chemical pills in terms of pain killers we can use natural pain killers in terms of Bergamot essential oil that leaves various positive effects on our body.
Yes it’s true
Bergamot essential oil is a natural pain killer which can relieve pain. Just by rubbing 4-5 drops of bergamot essential oil on sore muscles (or that area where you feel pain) it can relieve sore muscles & alleviates pain. You can also combine bergamot essential oil with carrier oils (like coconut oil, sesame oil, castor oil, etc.) & massage to cover a larger surface area. Thus helping to relieve symptoms of pain such as headaches, sprains, muscle aches and, migraines, etc.
The study has proved the analgesic effects of bergamot essential oil and suggested that Bergamot essential oil can be used as complementary medicine to relieve pain in the body. 

3.Reduce Stress & anxiety:

In today’s fast pace life stress is very common. It is observed that various physical & mental diseases are the result of prolonged stress.
But the good news is that we can combat stress at its very initial stage, just by incorporating Bergamot essential oil in our daily routine.
Because bergamot essential oil has various bioactive compounds (such as limonene & alpha-pinene) by virtue of which it works as a natural antidepressant & helping to combat the signs of low self-esteem, depression, helplessness &, discomfort.
It is also known for its ability to promote cheerfulness, feelings of freshness and increased energy by improving the blood circulation.

According to the study published in the National Center of Biotechnology (NCBI) Bergamot essential oil vapor inhalation, appears to be significantly useful in order to reduce stress and could have a significant effect on improving mental conditions.

4.Helps to reduce cholesterol:

Nowadays the world’s huge population is taking cholesterol-lowering drugs. These chemical drugs have potential side effects on human health such as:

· Liver damage

· Mental illness & memory loss

· Type 2 diabetes

· Muscle weakness

· Etc……………….. 
But bergamot essential oil can protect you from these nasty chemical drugs & their awful side effects because it can help you in lowering your cholesterol naturally.
There is wide clinical evidence available of the effectiveness of bergamot essential oil on the reduction of LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and triglycerides.
In two recent Italian clinical trials performed for 30 days, bergamot extract resulted in reducing total cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides, and increasing HDL, compared to baseline.
Another similar study shows that an oral administration of bergamot extract significantly reduced total cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides, while enhancing HDL levels, compared to the placebo group. 

5.Prevent & reduce High Blood Pressure:

The randomized placebo‐controlled study investigated 40 healthy volunteers through the application of Bergamot Essential Oil and lavender essential oil on the skin. After the topical application of the oil, a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure (SBP), diastolic blood pressure (DBP) and, pulse rate.

Bergamot essential oil also contains polyphenols that protect our body tissues and vascular endothelium against free radical damage &, according to a study published in a health journal the consumption of food rich in natural antioxidants including polyphenols significantly improves endothelial cells functions and play an important part in protecting the cardiovascular system.
Since bergamot essential oil is rich in polyphenols, so plays a significant role in suppressing inflammation, improving arterial responsiveness and inhibiting plaque formation.

6.Promote Healthy & Glowing Skin:

Do you struggle with pimples, scars, oily skin &, uneven skin tone? 
If yes! 
Then bergamot essential oil is a blessing for you that you should have. Because it can resolve your various skin issues (such as oily skin, scars, uneven skin, etc.) in it’s just a few usages and, regular use of this amazing oil can adorn you with problem free healthy & glowing skin.
Just by adding a few drops of Bergamot essential oil into your warm bathing water, daily massage oil & lotion, you can avail its amazing skin benefits.
In an animal models study it is found that Bergamot essential oil increases skin collagen content and makes the skin more youthful & reduce wrinkles as well.
Another human clinical study on subjects with psoriasis patients that received treatment with UVB + BEO applied on their psoriatic plaques 30 min before the procedures, 3 times weekly, showed a significant reduction of Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) compared to baseline. 

7.Helps to reduce odor OR Natural Deodorant:

Bergamot essential oil has an amazing disinfectant & anti-bacterial properties, along with a delightful &, citrus fruity aroma. That’s why it is widely used in making perfumes & deodorants.
The application of Bergamot essential oil in terms of perfume or deodorants not just makes you fragrant furthermore it has the ability to kill those germs as well that may cause unpleasant odors.
By virtue of which it can not only give you instant fragrance & freshness even retain that fragrance &, freshness for hours.
To avail its benefits you can add 2–3 drops of bergamot essential oil to your regular perfume or deodorant, or you can apply few drops of this oil directly to your armpits with the help of a cotton ball,
OR you can add a few drops of bergamot essential oil into the water and, spray it around your body & armpit after the bath.
Bergamot essential oil can be a great substitute in terms of room fresheners for your home &, workplace.

8.Kill Germs & promote oral health

Bergamot is known for its anti-germ, anti-fungal & anti-biotic properties, which can protect our teeth from developing cavities. By preventing the growth of bacteria it helps to prevent tooth decay &, its sweet fruity aroma reduces bad breath as well.
Being a natural oil it is also a safer option for kids to reversing their cavities &, preventing tooth decay.
To boost your oral health, you can rub 2–3 drops of bergamot oil onto your teeth OR can put 2-3 drops into water for mouthwash OR can add one drop to your toothpaste directly. 

9.Promote healthy Hairs & Scalp:

Bergamot essential oil is also a great ingredient for healthy hairs. It removes excess oil & dirt from scalps & make them clean & ensures the proper supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle. It is also a proven remedy for dandruff due to its anti-fungal property.
A study published in a health general mentioned that the topical application of bergamot extract for 42 days increased skin collagen content and promoted hair growth significantly. 

10.Aids in Digestion:

Bergamot essential oil improves & aids in digestion in many ways such as:
*It activates the secretion of bile &, digestive enzymes which are essential of proper digestion.
* It helps in synchronizing the peristaltic motion of the intestines and hence settings the way for quick digestion.
*It also promotes absorption and decomposition of sugar, proper absorption of nutrients, and thus helps in maintaining the proper blood glucose level in our body.
So we can say that Bergamot essential oil aids in our digestion in different ways.
Furthermore, the topical application of Bergamot essential oil can kill intestinal worms (which can lead to malnourishment and several other fatal deficiencies) as well 

11.Bugs & mosquitoes repellant:

Bergamot essential oil not just gives you fruity & mood-boosting lift. It is also a natural but yet very effective bugs & mosquitoes repellent that can help you to keep unwanted bugs, mosquitoes &, pests at bay.

Just add 5-6 drops of bergamot essential oil into a water spray bottle and give the little fellows what they deserve & prevent yourself from different health issues. 

The bottom line for Bergamot essential oil:

Although Bergamot essential oil is safe for most people in a small amount, It may make your skin sensitive to the sun. Because of its bergamottin and bergapten content, that absorbs ultraviolet light &, may induce photosensitivity to the sun and can lead to extreme sunburn and other complications.

So always use caution while using bergamot essential oil especially for children, diabetic patients &, person those who have scheduled to have surgery.


Bergamot essential oil is an amazing gift of Mother Nature that can cater to a variety of health benefits. It can be used to improve the health of your hair & skin, while also aiding digestion, improving your mood and killing bugs, bacteria & mosquitoes.
So incorporate this amazing bergamot oil into your daily regime & avail its amazing benefits for your complete well-being.
If you have any query or suggestion you can write it in the comment section or at

Ms. P.Rajeshwari
Diet & Beauty Consultant


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