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Wednesday 11 September 2019

Amazing 5 uses benefits & side effects of Clove oil

Hi Friends
As we are all, known to this fact that Clove oil is one of the best natural alternatives to reduce the pain associated with dental problems.
Do you know that?
Clove oil is not just a proven pain healer; 
Furthermore, clove oil has amazing anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory & broad-spectrum antibacterial & antimicrobial properties, which can keep various diseases at bay.
Yes it’s true
Clove oil has amazing healing ability which can work wonder for our health.
But before reaching to those wonders, let’s first investigate. 

What is clove oil? :

Clove oil is extracted from Syzygium aromaticum commonly known as clove plant, which is an 8-30 m tall, small-medium sized evergreen plant, belongs to the Myrtaceae family. Most of the parts of this plant (such as leaves, flowers, and stem) have a very special kind of aroma which makes it one of the most valuable spices for centuries and considered as the oldest spice. Clove plant also has an exceptional antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant property and, that is the reason that it has been used from many centuries for various medicinal uses as well.

Note: The antimicrobial & antioxidant property of the clove plant is higher than many fruits, vegetables, and other spices.

Clove plant is a hub of various phenolic compounds such as eugenol, eugenol acetate, gallic acid, and various other minor constituents.

But Eugenol is the main bioactive compound of this plant, which is found in concentrations ranging from 9 381.70 to 14 650.00 mg per 100 g of fresh plant material.
That’s why the oil extracted from a clove plant is also known as eugenol and, depending upon the different part of the clove plant (such as the bud, leaf, or stem) from where the oil is extracted. The concentration of eugenol generally ranges from 60% to 95%.
Therefore different parts of clove plant (such as flower buds, leaves & twigs) related to the different type of clove oil.
Based upon these different parts of clove plant (such as flower buds, leaves & twigs) clove oil is also of three types such as:

Types of Clove oil:

1.Clove Leaf oil:

It is dark brown in appearance & extracted from the steam distillation of Clove leaf. It consists of approx. 82–88% eugenol with minor constituents and, little or no eugenyl acetate.

2.Clove stem oil:

It is pale yellow in appearance & extracted from the twigs of clove plant. It consists of approx. 90–95% eugenol, with other minor constituents.

3.Clove Bud oil:

It is yellow or colorless in appearance & derived from the flower-buds of the clove plant. It consists of 60– 90% eugenol, eugenyl acetate, caryophyllene, and several other minor constituents.
As you can see in the above classification that eugenol is the major constituent with, increasing average percentages from clove bud (77.81%) to clove leaf (81.21%) and, to clove stem  (91.83%). But out of these three only in clove bud essential oil this compound eugenol is followed by eugenyl acetate (15.15%) and several other constituents, while in the clove leaf oil and clove stem oil the eugenyl acetate was detected either in very lower amounts or absent.
That’s why Clove bud oil is considered as the best quality clove oil from its other types and, it is also, most expensive from its other types. 

Amazing 5 Benefits & Uses of CLOVE OIL:

Amazing 5 benefits & uses of CLOVE OIL
Amazing 5 Uses of CLOVE oil


Halitosis is commonly known as “bad breath” and used to describe any bad or unpleasant odor emanating from the breath.
It is derived from the Latin word which inferred from two words Halitus and the Osis.
*Halitus means breathed air;
*Osis means pathologic alteration;
Halitosis is an undesirable condition and, very common in the general population and nearly more than 50% of the general population both male & female and of all age groups have halitosis.
Although halitosis has multifactorial origins such as gastrointestinal function, respiratory system, or urinary system in 90% cases the origin lies in the oral cavity in terms of more than 500 bacterial species, which are capable to produce odorous compounds which can cause halitosis.
Because the temperature & humidity condition of the oral cavity may provide a suitable environment for bacterial growth.
*Temperature of the oral cavity varies from 34’C to 37’C;
*Humidity of the oral cavity varies from 91% to 96%;
But thanks to the Clove oil, which not only contain a warm spicy and woody aroma furthermore it contains amazing antifungal and antimicrobial compounds as well that may act against bacteria of the oral cavity which are the basic cause of bad breath.
The study published in the national center of biotechnology information (NCBI) also suggested that the clove oil is an active ingredient against oral bacteria associated with dental cavity and periodontal disease.

 How to use Clove oil for Halitosis or Bad Breath:

By following two ways you can include the benefits of clove oil to freshen up your breath and to support oral health & oral hygiene.

1. Add 1-2 drops on your regular toothpaste.
2. Add 2-3 drops to water for mouthwash. 

2.Clove oil as an Analgesic:

Are you experiencing throbbing pain at night due to dental caries?
If yes
Then clove oil can work wonder for you.
Because clove oil contains eugenol which not only removes all the microbes present in that region of the tooth, furthermore it effectively relieves pain and serves as an analgesic.
According to the study published in health general Eugenol which is a phenylpropanoid and, found as the main constituent of clove oil is commonly used as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory in dental procedures, e.g., pulpitis and dentinal hypersensitivity.
Clove oil is also helpful with pain in general because they possess anti-inflammatory property.

How to use Clove oil as an analgesic for dental caries:

You can use clove oil as an analgesic by following ways:
1.* Place two to three drops of the clove oil in a clean, small container. Add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of carrier oil/vegetable oil.
* Soak a small piece of cotton ball in this oil mixture until it is saturated and remove the excess oil with the help of a tissue paper.
*Place this cotton ball on the painful area for 10-20 seconds; make sure you do not swallow any of the oil.
*Once complete, rinse your mouth with saline warm water.
*You can repeat this procedure for 2-3 times daily.
2.*Put 3-4 drops of clove oil into one teaspoon of carrier oil/vegetable oil & massage around the jawbone & cheek or the area associated with pain.
3.*Put 1 drop of clove oil on a cotton ball & place it to the gum around the tooth (which is associated with dental caries). 

3.Clove oil as an Anti-oxidant:

Our oral cavity is very delicate & sensitive and, is constantly exposed to food & food-related stuff.
These foodstuffs can cause damage to our delicate oral cavity & can hinder its natural healthy biological environment.
But don’t worry & thanks to the amazing antioxidants property of Clove plant.
Because antioxidants are the most amazing substance that inhibits oxidation and acts by retarding the oxidative process, that’s why anti-oxidants are the best remedy for the reduction in the levels of free radicals.
Therefore by virtue of its antioxidants property clove oil can effectively & very efficiently reduce the levels of the free radicals present in the oral cavity.
According to a study, clove oil could improve memory and learning deficits caused by scopolamine(in short and long term) as a result of the reduction in oxidative stress. 

4.Clove oil as an Acne fighter:

Acne is a frustrating skin issue. There are various types and various factor related to it such as:
*Increased production of sebum; 
*Abnormal keratinization of the pilosebaceous canal;
 *bacterial colonization; 
*Bad food habits; 
..........& many more; 
But thanks again to the anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial & anti-bacterial properties of clove oil, It can help in reducing swelling and redness & fights the acne-causing bacteria. 
All the above properties & action makes clove oil as a perfect ingredient for an acne-fighting recipe.

How to use CLOVE oil for Acne:

You can use clove oil for clearing your acne by following ways:
1. Take 2-3 drops of clove oil on a cotton ball and dab it on to your acne directly.
2. Add a few drops of clove oil into your daily cream lotion or serum and apply gently on freshly washed face
3. Add 2-3 drops of clove oil into 1-2 teaspoons, raw honey. Mix them together and apply it on your face for 10-15 minutes & wash your face with plain lukewarm water. 

5.Clove oil as a blood pressure-lowering agent:

Are you struggling with high blood pressure?
If yes!
Then use clove oil, because clove oil may be able to help you in reducing your high blood pressure because clove oil is a significant source of Eugenol and this bioactive compound found as a key constituent of clove oil.
A study published in the U.S. national library of medicine states that
“Eugenol may be therapeutically useful as an antihypertensive agent and is a viable molecular candidate from which to develop second-generation TRPV4 channel activators that reduce BP” .

The bottom line for Clove oil:

Being a hub of health-promoting properties clove oil has a proven remedy for various ailments but some side effects & caution are also associated with clove oil such as:
* In large doses Clove oil can be hazardous.
* Clove oil may cause sore throat, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, seizures in some cases.
* Clove oil is fully restricted to pregnant women and children below two years.
* C
love oil use in children has not yet been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
*Before applying clove oil on the skin always dilute it first with a carrier oil because undiluted clove oil can cause skin irritation.
So always use this oil with caution. 


Though Clove oil has minor disadvantages still it is been used as an immediate natural & household remedy for all dental problems.
From many centuries we are getting benefited by the Clove oil, it has many medicinal properties such as antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal & antioxidant property among which clove oil’s contribution to odontology is of major concern.
So avail clove oil’s amazing benefits into your life as well but again use it with a little caution.
If you have any query or suggestion you can write it into the comment section or at
Ms. P Rajeshwari
Diet & Beauty Consultant


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