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Sunday 19 April 2020

Scientifically proven : Top 5 benefits of COCONUT OIL

Hi Friends
Do you know that?
Your beauty essential “COCONUT OIL”,that works like a wonder against stubborn waterproof makeup, dry skin and, frizzy hair, is also a super-food.
Yes it’s true
Coconut oil possesses amazing properties by virtue of which, it can not only promote vibrant skin and lustrous hair.

Furthermore, it can prove to be a great addition to your kitchen pantry and, can also adorn you with various other health benefits as well. 

Let’s get an idea of COCONUT oil's amazing benefits (besides hair care and skincare) and, some common questions related to it, that make decoding coconut oils a whole lot easier.

So without wasting time
Let's have a deep dive into the amazing health benefits of COCONUT OIL.
But before that let's first investigate
What is COCONUT oil and, its types?

What is Coconut oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the pressing of fresh/dried coconut kernel which is a fruit of the coconut tree (Cocos Nucifera) which grows mainly in the subtropical coastal regions of Asia.
In ancient literature, coconut is called as Shrifal (श्रीफल) or a fruit of prosperity because the tree gives not only the fruit with refreshing water furthermore it also offers tasty kernel which can be eaten fresh/dried and, also can be used for extracting coconut oil and, this extracted coconut oil is a combination of the various other essential fatty acids such as:
Lauric acid C-12:0, (49%)- Saturated fatty acids
Caprylic acid C -8:0 (8%)- Saturated fatty acids
Palmitic acid C-16:0 (8%) -Saturated fatty acids
Myristic acid C-14:0(8%) -Saturated fatty acids
Capric acid C-10:0,(7%)- Saturated fatty acids
Stearic acid C-18:0 (2%)- Saturated fatty acids
Oleic acid C-18:1 (6%)- Unsaturated fatty acids
Linoleic acid C-18:2 (2%)- Unsaturated fatty acids

As we can see that coconut oil is made up of about 90% saturated fatty acids/ saturated fats and 9% unsaturated fatty acids/ unsaturated fats, that’s why it has a firm texture at cool temperature.


Coconut oil is mainly of two types:
1. Virgin Coconut oil (VCO)/Unrefined Coconut oil;
2. Refined Coconut oil;

1.Virgin Coconut oil (VCO)/Unrefined Coconut oil;

VCO has a very mild aroma with a sweet taste and, it is mainstream edible oil and most beneficial for our health. 
Generally, VCO (virgin coconut oil) is extracted from fresh/dried coconut kernel.
Although methods of extraction for VCO is mainly of following four type.
1. Fermentation
2. Chilling and centrifugation
3. Direct micro expelling‐oven dried
4. Direct micro expelling‐sun‐dried processes
But in general, the method of extraction for VCO is categorized into following two methods.

1. Wet Method;            2. Dry Method;

*Wet method is generally opted for fresh coconut kernel. In this method VCO is directly extracted from the coconut kernel by pH method, fermentation, enzymatic, chilling and centrifugation or any of these combinations to destabilize the coconut milk and after that from this coconut milk oil is extracted.

*Dry Method generally opts for dried coconut kernel (Which is also called COPRA). Sometimes coconut kernel is dried by controlled heating as well to remove the moisture and, preventing microbial invasion from occurring.
In this method, coconut oil is extracted via the mechanical pressing of dried coconut kernel (COPRA).
Note: In above two methods the wet method of extraction of VCO helps to retain the biological activities of the beneficial components in VCO as compared to the dry method.

2.Refined COCONUT OIL:

Refined COCONUT OIL is generally odorless. Unlike VCO refined COCONUT OIL do not have that delicate taste and aroma. Because through a refining process that involves bleaching and deodorizing of oil at a high temperatures with harsh chemicals and, which destroy the coconut oil’s natural aroma and, various delicate and beneficial antioxidants as well. 
Top 5 Benefits of COCONUT OIL
TOP 5 Benefits of COCONUT OIL

Scientifically proven : Top 5 benefits of COCONUT OIL

1.Reduce inflammation & Relieve Pain:

Coconut oil can prove to be a low-cost and effective alternative treatment for those who are looking for a natural resource to ease their pain. Thanks to Coconut oil’s amazing anti-inflammatory properties by virtue of which it not only can reduce inflammation of muscles and joints furthermore can improve temporary pain conditions as well.
The topical application of coconut oil helps to increase blood supply to the arthritic area and, lauric acid present in the coconut oil directly impact and reduce the localized inflammation and relieve pain.
A study published in NCBI showed that VCO can alter the expression of several genes concerned with inflammatory response and topical application of VCO bring anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting the various cytokine levels including TNF-α, IFNγ, IL-6, IL-5, and IL-8 and improves skin barrier function by up-regulating AQP-3, filaggrin, and involucrin mRNA expression and also by protecting against UVB irradiation.

2. Best alternative food fat for infants:

We all know that Mother's milk is believed to be one of the most potent and effective immune potables that helps an infant to fight off fatal bacterial intrusion.
Because mother milk is full of nutritional elements and out of these Lauric Acid is the most dominating which gets converted into Monolaurins (also known as glycerol monolaurate) within the human body.
Infants depend on the monolaurin to withstand against any infection and, for the development of their immune system.
Thanks to lauric acid present in the COCONUT OIL which makes it the next best source of monolaurin after mother's milk because Other than mother’s milk, monolaurin is found only in coconut oil.
Furthermore, coconut oil can be digested by the salivary lipase and also does not undergo degradation and re-esterification processes.
COCONUT OIL is directly used in the body to produce energy that’s why infant can easily digest it and these things makes coconut oil as the best alternative food fat for the infant and also called as akin to mother’s milk and widely used in infant food formulas.

3.Rich in Anti-Oxidants

Different from regular cooking oils which generally contain long‐chain fatty acids, VCO (virgin coconut oil) has high levels (approx 50%) of MCTs( medium‐chain fatty acids), causing it a potential functional food that can also serve various health benefits. 
The MCTs and, fatty acids(such as: lauric acid & capric acid) found in VCO(virgin coconut oil) have amazing antioxidants, antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can effectively kill bacteria, fungi and, can fight against various other harmful microorganisms. 
The topical application of coconut oil directly to the skin may also prevent the further growth of these microorganisms.
Furthermore, antioxidants present in coconut oil prevent it from oxidation and, polymerization and, make it as an ideal kitchen staple for frying, baking, cooking.
A study published in a health journal (NCBI) demonstrated that by virtue of polyphenols and medium-chain fatty acids present in VCO, it can prevent exercise and, chronic cold restraint stress-induced damage and, restoring the antioxidant balance.

4.Improve cardiovascular health:

Although Coconut oil is made up of 90 % saturated fat but the saturated fat of coconut oil is different from saturated fats present in animal fats.
The saturated fat present in the coconut oil are generally MCTs (medium-chain fatty acids) that gets absorbed directly and transported to the liver for rapid oxidation, which makes it easily digestible without complying the regular path of fat digestion into cholesterol, furthermore coconut oil has no Trans fat which is most commonly related to the heart disease and metabolic syndrome.
Note: Over 50% of the fat present in coconut oil is MCTs.
The effect of VCO could be potentially beneficial for CVD(Cardiovascular Dieases) risk reduction and, disproving the myth that coconut oil increases triglycerides and, cholesterol. In addition regular consumption of Coconut oil in diet would regularize blood fats and is known to increase the HDL cholesterol fraction while decreasing the LDL and triglycerides significantly;
Studies performed on animals conclude that VCO shows promising effects on lowering the CVD risk. And, improving the biochemical derangements associated with CVD.
Another research conducted on healthy participants also shows that taking 15 mL of VCO twice daily for 8 weeks, can significantly increase HDL.
Further epidemiological studies shows that Coconut consumption is associated with higher levels of serum HDL-C in, being beneficial to heart health have been attributed to this effect.

5.Promate fat reduction

Just by Changing your regular oil to coconut oil could help you to reduce your extra weight and can shrink your belly. Coconut oil shows a promising result on weight reduction and management for the following reasons:
*It is a low calorie fat.
*It contains a high level of MCTs by virtue of which after eating it, the liver produces ketones that serves a powerful appetite-reducing effect in the body.
*It stimulates healthy metabolism.
* It gets metabolized fast to supply quick energy unlike all other fats. This also helps control body weight.
Studies also show that COCONUT oil being a rich source of MCTs with little or no LCFAs can provide an ideal food source for weight reduction.


COCONUT OIL is amazingly beneficial, nourishing, and also less prone to oxidation by virtue of which has ability to replace your normal cooking oil of your kitchen pantry.
You can incorporate Coconut oil via cooking, baking, frying. You can also directly add it to your drinks (Juices, coffee, smoothies etc.) as well.

But one thing you should remember that most of these benefits are associated with the VCO (Virgin Coconut oil) instead of refined coconut oil.

But always use it in moderation with other oils to get best out of it researchers have found that 30 mL/ 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day shows promising effect.
If you have any queries or suggestion you can write it into comment section or at

Ms. P Rajeshwari
Diet & Beauty Consultant


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  3. This article has inspired me to start using coconut oil for oil pulling. I've heard about its benefits for oral health before, but seeing the scientific evidence laid out really reinforces its effectiveness. Thanks for the motivation!