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Wednesday 21 February 2024

Research based amazing five health benefits of Pineapple

Hi friends
What if I say that just by including Pineapple into your daily diet you can not only going to have lots of fiber, which aids to your digestive health, furthermore it will promise you to adorn with the strong bones, healthy heart and also prevent you from various fatal diseases such as: cancer, diabetes, foodborne pathogen toxicity and COVID-19 as well.
Yes, it’s true
This tropical fruit Pineapple can cater all these health benefits with its delicious and incredible taste and, all thanks goes to its various medicinal properties such as: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and, most importantly the presence of a group of proteolytic enzymes named Bromelain that has ability to digest protein. That’s the reason pineapple is used as a protein tenderizer.
Pineapples are regarded as an exclusive known food source of bromelain, which can not only has the ability to digest protein, furthermore it has been also clinically proven to have extensive other health benefits as well.
Isn’t it sounds very interesting?
Indeed yes, so without further delay, let’s dive deeper into the benefits of this delicious fruit Pineapple & Bromelain and, explore their research based specific and amazing five health benefits.

Research based amazing five health benefits of Pineapple:

Amazing five benefits of Pineapple

1. Pineapple Provides Strong matches of nutrients:

Where on one side Pineapple is very low in calories and could be great choice for those who are suffering from weight issues and, on the other side it is nutritionally dense and, has plenty of vitamins and minerals for daily required value.
One cup of pineapple juice or a bowl full of pineapple nuggets can provide:
*1/3 of daily recommended value of vitamin C,

VITAMIN C is essential for tissue growth and repair and, also helps boost our immune system.

* Entire (100%) of daily recommended value of Manganese,

Manganese helps with immune response, metabolism and, bone formation.

Furthermore Pineapple also comprises Fiber (>10% of daily recommended value), minerals and vitamins in profuse quantity such as: thiamin, niacin, B6, copper, potassium and magnesium.

2. Pineapple May Help Fight Cancer:

Cancer alludes to a vast number of diseases portrayed by the development of abnormal cells that further divide wildly and have the ability to invade and destroy normal body cells & tissue. It is an ailment that can develop nearly anywhere in the human body and, may appear in the form tumors (lumps of tissue).

But thanks to the Pineapple that can assist us in the prevention, during the course of treatment and, post treatment measures, because it contain plethora of health-assisting blend of fiber, vitamin, mineral and, trace mineral, which may slowdown the tumor growth and may reduce various side effects associated with the cancer treatment to help ease the road to recovery.
Out of many some are as follows:
Vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant to support immune function and fight cancer cell growth and each one cup serving of pineapple provides 1/3 of daily recommended value of vitamin C.
The fiber which keep things moving through the digestive tract (found >10% of daily recommended value in Pineapple).
Furthermore as per a study published in NCBI Bromelain which is a protease enzyme derived from pineapple has anti-cancer effects such as anti-carcinoma .

3. Pineapple Aids in Digestion

Dietary fiber which we use to have through our food has an effect on the following:
*On the rate of digestion of the food which we eat,
*The absorption of nutrients, and
*The movement of faecal matter (stool) through the colon.
Fiber also bestows a substrate for beneficial intestinal bacteria.
Pineapples, being a rich source of dietary fiber keep the digestive tract healthy, help to put constipation at bay and promote regular bowl movement.
Furthermore being a profuse source of Bromelain, Pineapple also turns down the inflammatory immune cells named as cytokines (that can harm the digestive tract lining).
As per the study published in a health journal Pineapple has been proven to have various health benefits such as: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant activity, and healing bowel movement.

4. Pineapple may Relieves Osteoarthritis:

Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent form of arthritis and, occurs due to the wear down of the protective cartilage over time, which cushions the ends of the bones in the joints that allow almost frictionless joint motion.
Older age, Obesity, certain metabolic diseases and, Joint injuries etc. are various factors that can increase the risk of osteoarthritis, which can further lead to severe pain associated with joints.
But no worries Pineapple can help relieve these joint pain associated with shoulder, knee, hip, and lumbar spine osteoarthritis, because as a profuse source of bromelain, it can work as a potent pain reliever for people who have osteoarthritis and, can also minimize the inflammation related to the rheumatoid arthritis.
As per a study published in the NCBI Bromelain, an extract from the pineapple plant, has been demonstrated to show anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and may provide a safer alternative or adjunctive treatment for osteoarthritis.

5. Pineapple may Treat Cold and Cough:

During transition of weather and especially in winter, our body becomes more prone to such infections that can lead to the congestion, cold and cough, this can be unpleasant and enfeebling, and mainly when we are unable to control the urge and stint of coughing and sneezing.
But You will be surprised to know that, just a bowl full of pineapple nugget could prove to be a very powerful remedy to prevent and cure these congestion, cough & cold symptoms, because of its key compound Bromelain (which is an enzyme and possess mucolytic (break down of mucus) & anti-inflammatory properties which makes pineapple a magnificent natural remedy to help relieve cough.
According to the study published in the national library of medicine Bromelain could be an important mucolytic agent for decreasing pro-inflammatory prostaglandin production and reducing swelling in nasal routes
Furthermore another study published in the NCBI journal concluded that bromelain could be an effective molecule to control foodborne pathogen toxicity and COVID-19. .

Bottom-line for Pineapple:

Indeed Pineapple is a super-food with amazing nutritional benefits. We can get benefited by its medicinal benefits while enjoying its delicious taste.
Although Pineapple is highly beneficial for our overall health if we use to have it on everyday basis but the people with certain medical condition & ailment should cautiously choose pineapple as a part of their daily diet such as:
*Females During pregnancy: Being a key source of bromelain pineapple should be avoided during early stage of pregnancy, because the consumption of pineapple may cause softening of the cervix and may induce uterine contractions, that can further lead to the risk of miscarriage, If still a pregnant woman wish to include pineapple in her diet then she should first consult her doctor prior to add it in her diet.
*People with Diabetic condition: The pineapple contains high amount of sugar including: sucrose, glucose & fructose (a bowl of pineapple contains almost 16.3g of sugar). This high sugar content of pineapple could lead to a spike in blood glucose levels.
*People with Medication: Bromelain which is a key compound of pineapple may interfere with various blood thinning, antiplatelet and antibiotic medicines. So before adding it into your diet first consult with your doctor
*People with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD): Pineapple is in general considered to be a highly acidic fruits with pH score of 3-4 on the pH scale and, excessive consumption of pineapple may lead to the heartburn or acid reflux. So the people those who are prone to have heartburn and digestive issues should always consultant their diet consultant prior to adding it into their diet.

Conclusion: Pineapple is indeed a great addition into our diet in terms of taste and health.
But how much is a question?
The simple answer of this question is “in the moderation”, because “moderation is the key”. So enjoy this juicy tropical fruit Pineapple and stay vibrant, healthy and beautiful as always.
If you have any queries do write it in the comment section or at

Ms P Rajeshwari
Diet-Wellness consultant & life-coach

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